We ship to any settlement in Russia, including the Republic of Crimea, as well as to the CIS and neighboring countries!

For the delivery of scratching posts and houses for cats across Russia, the services of transport companies are used, firms are selected according to the level of efficiency of the provision of services. The goods are delivered to the carrier’s terminal by our own transport.

Delivery of scratching posts and houses for cats across Kirov and the region is carried out at home, further assembly and installation of the purchased game complex or scratching post is also offered free of charge.

Scratching posts and play complexes for cats are dispatched disassembled.
Assembling products is a fairly simple process, everyone can handle it without special training.

You can find out the cost of delivery by contacting:

– by e-mail kogtetochki.kirov@gmail.com or

– through the social network VKontakte

In the message, you must indicate the model number and the city where you want to send. For each specific case, the most convenient option is selected.